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Our ‘search and selection’ approach to recruitment means that we are the perfect recruitment agency to use for those harder to fill roles. With ‘working from home’ being a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future, the pool of talent available to you when you are recruiting for any role is far larger. Relying on your internal or external recruitment that revolves around responding to candidate applications to adverts or your activity on social channels will not bring the success you wish for – it’ll simply bring more work, and the same chance of the right candidate coming along.

With our years of experience of using a proactive approach to recruitment, the higher volume of candidates in the market does not really affect our approach. We begin by identifying the key skills, experience and personality traits that your ideal candidate needs before moving on to the search aspect of our process. After qualifying a shortlist, we will then present this to you, along with each of the candidates’ expectations with regards to working conditions – there’ll be no eleventh-hour ‘is it okay for them to just work the one day in the office?’ which you may have had the misfortune to experience.

Given our extensive experience in targeting specific industry backgrounds our clients often come to us with a brief to target a particular type of candidate. This often means targeting their competitors’ best talent, which in turn works well with our proven search techniques, as well as the fact we may not be based local to you. Often recruitment agencies are reluctant to headhunt from companies based local to them as they are potentially alienating future clients.

Unlike most agencies we are happy to recruit for roles on a search basis without any up-front payment, so as a client you benefit from the highest level of service, but on what is effectively a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

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