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As individual recruiters, our experience in recruiting for Technical and Engineering businesses stretches back for fifteen years. Over that time we have become accustomed to working across a wide range of industries – mining, civil engineering, aerospace, marine and chemical being the sectors we have recruited in most regularly.

Whether it’s a Technician job in aerospace, a marine focused Functional Safety Engineer role, a Technical Project Manager for an agricultural chemical start-up, we use the same tried and tested approach to identify and attract the right talent for the business in question.

Through our extensive exposure to recruiting for Technical and Engineering roles, we understand how the various constituent elements of this sector interact with each other and appreciate which skillsets are transferable into which sub-sector, and which are not, so you can rest assured we will not try to fit square pegs into round holes.

Prior to joining us, a senior member of our team had experience working with the Institute of Engineering and Technology in various guises, and we have always been impressed with their approach to the sector. Other notable industry bodies include the Institution of Mechanical EngineersThe Engineering Industries Association and the Engineering Council.


Cambridge Talent Partnership have extensive experience as a technical and engineering recruiter across Cambridge, Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Northampton, East Anglia, Milton Keynes and the East of England, as well as select clients across the UK. We’ve been tasked with sourcing candidates for many forms of technical and engineering roles, such as Engineering Manager, Technical Manager, Technician, Head of Manufacturing, and Head of Engineering. The approach we take for each role is the same, ensuring our clients receive a full market shortlist on every occasion.

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Case Study

Aerospace Technician


When one of our long-standing clients moved to an Aerospace & Defence company, we were asked to help despite not having worked in the industry a great deal beforehand. The company had a mid-level yet key role that had been vacant for 6 months and thankfully our hard work and previous success at their former firm was repaid with a chance to work for their new business.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the role we had to sign NDAs, and this was also an integral part of the recruitment process – candidates had to sign NDAs before even receiving the full job details, and a previous recruiter had been very lax in this area which was itself one of the main reasons they needed a new supplier. Having worked with NDAs before we understood their importance and implemented a failsafe process to reassure the client of there being no lapses in upholding the NDAs.

We were told the role would be incredibly hard to fill, and it was implied that we may have to wait for somebody to come to us rather than the other way around. However, wanting to make a positive initial impression we did an assessment of the market. We quickly realised there were six or seven other agencies posting similar roles in the county, and that on the back of this advertising would not be the best source for potential candidates. The logic behind this is that candidates may not be able to differentiate what is a new advert at a different company and what is an old one they have already applied to elsewhere. This situation was compounded by the NDA situation which meant our hands were tied with regards to use certain aspects of this role to appeal to candidates.

Despite this not usually being a level or type of role to headhunt, we market mapped the competitors and tried LinkedIn, in the hope some technical candidates also valued B2B social media. As the client had implied, relevant candidates were extremely thin on the ground, yet our outreach yielded a response from one individual who was both well qualified for the role, suited to the culture, and most importantly very keen. After finishing off the process with their internal interview process, an offer was made and accepted. The client was both happy and surprised we had delivered where multiple industry agencies had failed.

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